by yarn of norna

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Nikita Churov - vocal
Sergey Trimaylov - guitar
Rustam Bazarov - guitar
Alexey Zimenkov - bass
Arseny Lebedev - drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Rukami Sound
(Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Artwork by Arseny Lebedev

CD released by Opposing Music (RU)


released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


yarn of norna Yekaterinburg, Russia

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Track Name: Solace
Look, impenetrable dark is coming
City’s silhouette,

in which you lived and loved,
disappears in this darkness like a ghost.

World is going out from human’s foolish and indifference hands,
Cause we forget how to believe, understand, love each other.

Valuables are lost, hope fades.

They are eaten of granite monster
and lost in his womb.
Nobody ventures to set fire and finds an exit to revive the missing sun.

One day the time comes and we will leave behind smithers of past

The last man will find the way out womb
But it will be too late.
And he didn’t catch a sight of his nonexistent sun.
Track Name: Nulla
Bird's shouts don't allow to sleep to me
On a sea bed
every morning
awakes me
seagull sea
heart-rendingly she scream, asking about the
Herds perish
the relatives die
also you are mortal
Brothers will begin
fighting with each other
close relatives
in conflicts will die
it is heavy to live in this world
century of swords and pole-axes
boards will burst
century of storms and wolves
to death of the world
to spare the person
the person doesn't become
Herds perish
the relatives die
also I am mortal
world snake
will emerge from ocean waters
he will gnaw
corpses of people
with blood will fill in
dwelling of gods
the sun will grow dim
during a summer time
storms will be angry
Herds perish
the relatives die
also I am mortal
Track Name: Granite
The day will come when you will have to give an answer for your acts.
The fire, which keeped you angry will let go.

In a flash.
Because it is the time to get to grave for all who has an applegrub in heart.

Bare your souls before the Norns
behold the wrath of their.

All crimson rivers will ascend straight to heaven, covering the fruitful land as far as eye can see.

Skuld will bare his knife to cut down lifes of all, who have to leave, who brought to planet only chaos, blood and death.

And only a little chance to qualify to be raised by high waves. Sea wont let them die. They'll clean their souls and loved ones from sins and endless sorrow.

For the insight they'll receive a reward leniency of sisters.
And they'll be able to change their wyrd and build new world on bones of old one.